What Our Patients Are Saying —

Sophia, I wish I could do more than just say “thank you” right now. I sit here in the terminal, pain free, about to enjoy a cocktail while waiting to board our plane to Disney. Without your help going the extra mile, responding to my Facebook message, working me in on Monday, coordinating a quick block for me….I wouldn’t be sitting here seeing the girls' excitement for such a special trip. I know I come across as a brash, surly guy…but there is a heart in here lol. Thank you so much for this and everything you have done for me. You’re definitely one of the wonderful exceptions in the world of medicine!

— Brian B.

Dr. Lal was successful in helping me recover the use of my left shoulder and arm with medication and PT. She is great to work with and easy to talk to. Would recommend her to anyone with an orthopedic problem that needs evaluation.

— Sue H.

Dr. Lal has a sweet and genuine spirit. It came through when she walked in the door. I trust a person's energy first. Dr. Lal gets a dd gold star. Her energy, spirit is real. I'm happy with her. If I hadn't felt good about her, I would not continue. Dr. Lal heard me. She listened.

— Carolyn W.

Dr. Lal was excellent to work with as we identified a diagnosis. She was very attentive and listened to all of the details of my injury to develop a plan to get to the root of the problem. I’m very grateful for her and her team as they worked with me through all of this. I would highly recommend her for any ortho, rehab, physical medicine needs!

— Brandy R.

Dr. Lal was patient, caring, and really listened. She needed to perform an in-office procedure and she was gentle, kind, and understanding. She talked me through the whole procedure and was careful to calm any concerns I had and thoroughly answer all my questions. Top rate!!!

— Renee A.